MBP® is a natural protein


You'll find MBP® in trace amounts in whey of human milk and cow's milk. Whey is the watery substance that you often see on the top of yogurt.

Snow Brand Milk Products Co., Ltd* discovered the effect of this natural protein complex on bone and named it MBP®. It contains several bioactive ingredients that are alkaline. Alkaline is the opposite of acidic. Although milk is rich in protein, MBP® accounts for only a small portion of milk’s overall protein content.

MBP® is a key protein that works on bone cells to increase bone density and create healthier bones.

MBP® is an important multi-functional protein that acts directly and indirectly on bone cells. It vitalizes the bone itself and makes it more receptive to calcium, while at the same time preventing excessive calcium from being dissolved out of the bones.

No matter how conscientious you may be about getting the proper amount of calcium, if your body's ability to form bone is impaired, that calcium will not be efficiently absorbed into your bones.

Snow Brand Milk Products Co., Ltd*. extensively researched this basic milk protein to identify its active functions and named it "MBP®".

Clinical tests conducted with beverages containing MBP® have shown that it can help increase bone density.**

* Snow Brand Milk Products Co., Ltd. has been merged with Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd. as of April 1, 2011.

** Yamamura J, Aoe S, Toba Y, et al. MBP® Increases Radial Bone Mineral Density in Healthy Adult Women. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2002;66(3):702-704.

Bone Health FAQ

Bone Health FAQ

Q. If I consume the right amount of calcium, will my bones automatically regenerate?

A. No matter how much calcium we ingest, our bones will not be able to utilize calcium effectively if the bones are unreceptive. If the calcium we consume is not incorporated into our bones, it flows out of the body as waste.
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